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Fibers that are Customized to Your Project Needs

Our fibers are unlike any others out there. They save time and money, are easy to mix, place, finish and are safer for the environment. With decades of research to fortify its success, our fibers are proven to be more effective.

At Fibercon, we customize fibers to your specific application. There is no one-size-fits-all solution. We provide high-quality, strong fibers that prevent cracking and make concrete look perfect for years to come.

Thanks to Fibercon’s continuous research and development, we’ve created these unique products:

Slab Master

Ground Master

Deck Master

Heat Master

What makes Fibercon the best in Fiber?

Steel Fibers
Fibercon steel fibers are manufactured under the slit sheet process as described in ASTM A820. This rectangular shape was chosen due to its increased surface area when compared to a circular shape. This shape is important since the larger the surface area the better the bond between the fiber and the concrete matrix. This bond is important in arresting crack growth. Cracks or internal flaws in concrete are the reason for the use of steel fibers in concrete.
The More the Mightier
Our slit sheet process allows Fibercon to manufacture steel fibers with high fiber counts. This is also important for arresting cracks. It has long been known that, as reinforcement is progressively sub-divided at a constant volume with a corresponding increase in specific surface area, the size and spacing of tension cracks in concrete decreases. Decreasing crack size so they become invisible to the eye is important in steel fiber design.

Why Fibercon Steel Fibers?


Performance includes results from the lab as well as the field. Fibercon continues research and development in the lab to develop concepts which can be converted to improve the performance of steel fibers in the field. Taking lessons learned in the lab to the field is an important aspect in Fibercon’s product development.


Performance is only one aspect of a good fiber. If you can’t incorporate them into the concrete, the steel fibers will not be able to perform their intended function. Fibercon fibers are designed with this in mind. Balling of fibers was a problem with the first fiber in the 1960s. Fibercon has addressed this issue by developing fibers with the proper length and aspect ratio. Now fibers can be added to the concrete without worrying about balling. Without balling issues you can be assured that the fibers will be well distributed uniformly in the concrete mix.


Concrete must be easily placed in many different applications. Whether it’s for slab on ground, shotcrete, composite metal deck you can dump it in, use a conveyor, place it or use any conventional method for placing concrete. Fibercon has designed fibers that make placing steel fiber reinforced concrete as easy as conventional concrete.


Fibers on the surface of any application is a problem. Fibercon fiber takes this into account with its different designs. On slab-on-ground and composite steel decks, fibers on the exposed surface have almost disappeared when using Fibercon fibers. You can’t say this about other fiber types.

Take a look below at our fiber types and the alloys we use.

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