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Ground Master

GroundMaster was specifically designed to be used in applications where ground support is important. This includes shotcrete applications for slope stabilization, initial linings or final linings in tunnels. GroundMaster is also used as reinforcement in final cast-in-place linings.

During the excavation process for a mine or tunnel, the ground is disturbed, sometimes violently. Shotcrete is sprayed onto the surface, the mortar and fines fills tiny fissures and openings that occur naturally or have resulted from the excavation process. Welded wire fabric, traditionally used as part of the first step in ground support in tunnel construction, has now been nearly completely replaced by the use of steel fibers.

Fibercon’s GroundMaster fibers, developed especially to meet the demanding requirements of underground or ground support applications like those constructed on the East Side Access project in New York City, are proudly made in the USA.

Why Choose Fibercon’s GroundMaster?


GroundMaster’s unique fiber design was developed to meet or exceed the requirements of ASTM C1609 testing. These fibers, developed with a high aspect ratio, feature a design that ensures the fibers can be mixed without balling.



No mesh to install before initial support means a reduced chance of injuries to workers. With the use of wet shotcrete, robots, and steel fibers, this risk is reduced Further.

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